I just got the demo song for my next burlesque act from Mr. Happy Pants.

"I’ve coined a new word to describe how I feel about this song. I’m calling it ‘horror-glee.’ I want to high five you, but I can’t," said my roommate when I played this for her.

"Yeah, your hands keep turning into claws," I noted.

And then she fell to the floor in the fetal position while screaming, "You just turned Super Happy into the most boner-confusing show in Grand Rapids."

That is exactly the kind of reaction I wanted. Now I’m cackling maniacally and she ran screaming from the room completely sincerely. This is going to be amazing.

And now I’ve barfed. I’m not joking. I literally vomited a little bit from laughing so hard. I hope the audience does, too.

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